Garden Design

Ladybird Garden Design provides a comprehensive and complete landscape design service to clients in Adelaide and surrounding areas. With more than 15 years extensive experience in designing landscapes, Ladybird Garden Design will create a customised design perfectly suited to your requirements. Our reputation has been built on honesty, ethics and creativity. We create inspired and innovative designs and liaise with you throughout the whole design.

Garden Design

A complete, scaled garden design including landscape layout, plant selections, construction details and plant maintenance schedule.

Planting Plan

Ideal for existing gardens that require updating rather than a complete redesign.


An on-site meeting to discuss design advice and ideas, as well as plant suggestions.

Productive Gardens

Veggies and fruit can be incorporated into your design in an attractive and functional way.

Low-Maintenance Design

Our clients are often time poor and require a garden that will still look good with a minimal amount of maintenance. An appropriate garden style as well as careful plant selection will achieve this goal.

Low Water Usage

Most people are conscious of not wasting water and don’t want their gardens to be water guzzlers!

Let us show you that it is possible to have a beautiful garden without a huge water bill.

About Garden Design

Are you tired of spending money on plants and watching them fail to thrive or not perform to expectations? Do you feel the space you have available could be utilised in a more effective manner? Welcome to Ladybird Garden Design – a boutique garden design and landscape service established in Adelaide. We develop concepts that are specific to your tastes, preferences and site constraints, appropriate to local climatic and soil conditions. We take great pride in each garden and it requires careful planning and consultation to achieve the best result.

Other Services

Plant Maintenance

A comprehensive plant information booklet to assist you in getting the best from your plants.

Irrigation Advice

Which method to use and how to water. Dripper or spray? High volume and low frequency or Low volume and high frequency?

Plant Supply

Quality plants sourced and supplied at lower than standard retail prices.

Garden Art

Espalier frames, screens, wall art. All designed and sourced to suit your garden.

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